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Un rêve de princesse ����������������������✈������������������

Réalisation d'un parfum (huile essentielle lavande)

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SSID: Paris Not France 64 GigaHertz Protocol: 802.11ac Security type: WPA2-Personal Network band: 2.4 GHz Network channel: 1 IPv6 address: 2607:fa48:6d4e:f831:a5ba:4683:f018:60f7 IPv4 address: Manufacturer: D-Link Corporation Description: D-Link DWA-192 AC1900 Wi-Fi USB 3.0 Adapter Driver version: 1030.12.526.2016 Physical address (MAC): ‎6C-72-20-00-E2-E1


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Richard Zednik Gets Throat Cut - Full Incident (Multiview) - WARNING Gra...

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IPv4 DNS Servers:
Manufacturer: Realtek
Description: Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller
Driver version: 8.3.730.2012
Physical address: ‎1C-87-2C-60-7C-D5

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parishilton's photo on SnapWidget: Hey #AtlanticCity! See you this Saturday at @PoolAfterDark @HarrahsResort! �������� #PartyWithParis ��

LG G Watch in ‘Champagne Gold’ pictured, will feature always-on display

LG G Watch in ‘Champagne Gold’ pictured, will feature always-on display: We've seen enough official product shots of the LG G Watch to know what the watch will look like when it debuts later this year. It's black-on-black. Oh, and square... and that's about it. Nothing too inspiring. But it seems the smartwatch will come in another color as well -- Champagne Gold. LG took to their social networks to post new images of the gold variant, feature a white rubber strap with gold accents. It's not too flashy, and should satisfy the tastes of those looking for something a little brighter than what we original saw from the G Watch. LG also updated their landing site with additional images, showing their watches and a few more details like it's water resistance and always-on display. We can't help but wonder how much battery life these watches will get, and if we'll need to be plugging in every day to keep them juiced. Expect more details like pricing and availability coming soon.